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Great Spotted Cuckoo Clamator glandarius


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Comments (1) (moderated by the author)
1 . dimdim63 | 15.04.2019 21:32:35 2 . nemets64 | 15.04.2019 21:37:27 3 . Vikor | 04/15/2019 21:45:48 Nice shot! four . gensek007 | 15.04.2019 23:35:44 5 . Dmitry Erokhin | 05/10/2019 10:31:29 AM Great! A rare frame!

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Species names in all available languages

LanguageCommon name
Arabicوقواق ارقط كبير
AsturleoneseCuquiellu real européu
AzerbaijaniKəkilli ququ
BulgarianKachulata kukuvitsa
CatalanCucut reial europeu
CroatianAfrička kukavica
Czechkukačka chocholata
English, KenyaGreat spotted cuckoo
English, United StatesGreat spotted cuckoo
EuskeraKuku mottoduna
FrenchCoucou geai
GalicianCuco grallo
Hebrewקוקיה מצויצת
HungarianPettyes kakukk
ItalianCuculo dal ciuffo
Japaneseマ ダ ラ カ ン ム リ カ ッ コ ウ
LithuanianDidžioji kuoduotoji gegutė
Polishkukułka czubata
Portuguese, PortugalCuco-rabilongo
RomanianCuc pestriț
EnglishCrested cuckoo
SerbianĆubasta kukavica
Slovakkukavica chochlatá
SlovenianČopasta kukavica
SpanishCríalo europeo
Spanish, SpainCríalo europeo
TurkishTepeli guguk
UkrainianZozulya Chubat

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