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Shrike - a family of birds of the order Passeriformes



Shrikes are a family of birds of the order Passeriformes. They are known for their ability to catch insects, small birds, mammals and other small animals and prick them on the thorns and thorns of plants. This helps them tear the flesh into smaller pieces that are easier to swallow. However, they often store animals and return to the leftovers later. This allows you to feed on insects that are poisonous to other predators - volatile poisons simply evaporate during storage. Usually the beak of the shrike is bent, like that of other birds of prey.

Most species of shrike are found in Eurasia and Africa, and only two species are found in North America. There are no members of this family in South America and Australia.

The shrike family has 32 species in three genera:

  • Lanius meridionalis - Desert Shrike
  • Lanius senator - Red-headed shrike
  • Lanius dorsalis - Pied Shrike
  • Lanius cristatus - Siberian shrike
  • Lanius gubernator - Governor Shrike
  • Lanius cabanisi - Gray-backed shrike
  • Lanius somalicus - Somali shrike
  • Lanius nubicus - Masked Shrike
  • Lanius souzae - Red-backed shrike
  • Lanius ludovicianus - American shrike
  • Lanius newtoni - Newton's Shrike
  • Lanius tigrinus - Tiger shrike
  • Lanius collurio - Common Shrike
  • Lanius minor - Black-fronted shrike
  • Lanius isabellinus - Red-tailed Shrike
  • Lanius mackinnoni - White-browed shrike
  • Lanius collaris - Shrike-prosecutor
  • Lanius pallidirostris
  • Lanius tephronotus - Tibetan shrike
  • Lanius bucephalus - Japanese shrike
  • Genus Lanius - Shrike
  • Lanius schach - Long-tailed shrike
  • Lanius validirostris - Philippine shrike
  • Lanius marwitzi
  • Lanius excubitor - Great gray shrike
  • Lanius phoenicuroides - Turkestan shrike
  • Lanius sphenocercus - Wedge-tailed shrike
  • Lanius collurioides - Burmese Shrike
  • Lanius vittatus - Indian shrike
  • Lanius excubitoroides - Gray-shouldered shrike
  • Corvinella corvina - Yellow-billed Shrike
  • Corvinella melanoleuca - Shrike shrike
  • Genus Corvinella - Yellow-billed Shrike
  • Eurocephalus rueppelli - Rüppel's white-capped shrike
  • Genus Eurocephalus - White-capped Shrike
  • Eurocephalus anguitimens - Common White-capped Shrike