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Mushroom: Clathrus archeri


The legend of the centaur Chiron.

The centaur species is known as an extravagant rabble, prone to drunkenness, scandalous and lustful behavior. But Chiron was different from the rest. He was nicknamed "The Good Centaur" and "The Wounded Healer". He was wiser, kinder and fairer than the rest of the centaurs.

Unfortunately, his friend Hercules, during a fight with other centaurs, accidentally shot down Chiron with a poisoned arrow. And since Chiron was immortal, and his wound was incurable, he was doomed to eternal torment.

Then Chiron came to Prometheus, who was also suffering from unbearable pain. The gods sentenced Prometheus to a terrible punishment. He was chained to a rock, where an eagle was sent every morning to peck at Prometheus's liver. At night, the liver regrowed.

Chiron volunteered to give his life for Prometheus and freed both of them from eternal torment. Chiron fell dead at the feet of Prometheus.

Appreciating the kindness, wisdom and nobility of Chiron, Zeus turned him into the constellation Centaurus. And now we can admire its beauty every night, looking at the starry sky.

The legend of Chiron symbolizes the transforming power of suffering. How personal, physical and emotional pain can be a source of great moral and spiritual strength.

Archer - seven years old, April.

- Grab your hand! I'm holding you, ”I said very quietly. The helicopter lifted off the ground as Duke grabbed Snake Eyes's arm. I tried to play as quietly as possible. My mother was beaten again, she was sleeping in her room, and I didn't want to wake her up. She told me to watch cartoons with her in her bed. I did that for a while. When I saw that she was asleep, I went downstairs to play with my soldiers G.I. Joe.

The helicopter landed, my guys jumped out and ran under the table. With the help of towels, I made an underground bunker out of the table. I lifted the helicopter and put it back on the floor, making the sound of the impact: hdyzh, vdzh, vdzh. If I could snap my fingers and turn it into a real helicopter, I would put my mother there and we would fly away from here. Away from him, away from black eyes and mom's tears. I didn't care what would become of us, since we would be very far away.

I climbed into the bunker again, but after a couple of minutes I heard the front door open and close, then heavy steps followed through the foyer into the corridor where I was playing.

I looked out and saw a pair of polished black boots and leg cuffs. I knew it was part of the form.

With shouts of "Uncle Connor!" I got out as quickly as I could. He knelt down and I threw myself on his neck. I stood on the side where, as I knew, my uncle did not carry a weapon and a police lamp.

- Hello my boy! He said, hugging me to him. - How is my rescue hero doing?

- Okay. Look what an underground bunker I've built! - I said, proudly pointing over my shoulder to the bunker, which I had built under the table of bedspreads and towels. Everything looked pretty cool.

Uncle Connor smiled and looked behind me.

“I don’t doubt you did an excellent job, Archer. This is the first time I've seen such an impregnable bunker. ”He winked and smiled broadly.

- Want to play with me?

Smiling, he ruffled my hair.

- Not now, buddy. Later is good? Where is your mother?

I felt my face grow sad.

- Mm, she is not well. She is resting.

I looked into Uncle Connor's face, into his golden brown eyes. A picture flashed before my eyes: the sky before the storm, dark and frightening.

I pulled away a little, but then Uncle Connor's eyes brightened and he pulled me to him, hugging me tightly.

“It's okay, Archer, it's okay.

He pulled away from me and took my hands, examining my face. I smiled, and my uncle answered me with a smile.

- You have your mom's smile, you know?

I smiled even wider. I love my mother's smile. She is so warm and beautiful. She makes me feel loved.

“But I look like daddy,” I said, lowering my eyes. Everyone says I have the Hale looks.

For a minute he did not take his eyes off me, as if he wanted to say something, but changed his mind.

- Well, that's good, buddy. Your daddy is a lovable devil.

He smiled at me, but his eyes didn't smile.

I looked at him. I would like to be like Uncle Connor. My mom once said that he is the most attractive man she has met in her entire life. At the same time, she looked guilty, as if she shouldn't have said it. I think because he was not my dad. Uncle Connor was also a police officer and a hero.

Uncle Connor stood up.

- I'll go and check if your mom is awake. Play with your soldiers and I'll be back in a minute. Okay, buddy?

“Okay,” I nodded.

He ruffled my hair again and headed for the stairs. I waited a couple of minutes and slowly followed him. Stopping at every rustle, I held on to the railing and walked on. I knew how to be quiet in this house. It was important to know how to be quiet here.

When I got to the end of the stairs, I stood outside my mother's room, listening. The door was slightly ajar. That was enough.

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Growth stages

Initially, Anturus Archer is an egg, the diameter of which is about 5 cm. The appearance of such a formation is as interesting as what it later becomes. It seems that something unearthly was scattered in the forest.

When the time comes for a kind of bloom, an ominous moment comes. The egg bursts, and red tentacles appear from its bowels, and a stench begins to spread around. The number of such petals, which are compared to the devil's fingers, reaches a maximum of 8. The diameter of the new formation reaches 15 cm.

The petals are covered with spore-bearing mucus, which creates an unpleasant odor. With its help, mushrooms multiply. In this they are helped by flies, with pleasure striving for the source of a pleasant smell for them.

This is not the end of the fun. After 2-3 days, the fungus dies. As a result, it changes: it becomes white and looks like a hand that sticks out of the ground.

Important! Anthurus Archer has been tried to eat, but not everyone is able to withstand its taste. Nobody died, but it's best not to experiment.


Tasmania can be considered the birthplace of the mushroom. He then appeared in Australia and New Zealand. Gradually, Anthurus Archera conquered the rest of the world. As for Russia, it is rare in our country. Only isolated cases are recorded.

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