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Thrips and viruses: how not to spoil March 8


By plane, train and car, dangerous pests are being pulled together for International Women's Day! It's not about people - it's about bugs! Insects hide in bouquets to spoil the holiday for the beautiful ladies! During this week, customs and Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors have shaken up tons of bouquets and know exactly where dangerous insects are hiding. And how, by the efforts of florists, almost straw turns into inviting compositions. Mentioned.

Anna Gumennikova, head of the laboratory of the Khabarovsk Department of Rosselkhoznadzor, does not admire flowers, she beats them. Get rid of pests by force. There is no time for tenderness. Flowers are from an infected batch. More than 20 thousand roses, carnations, alstroemerias from Ecuador brought western California thrips on their petals.

Who is hiding between the bright petals - you can't tell by eye. The true face is visible only under a microscope. Thrips is a small pest, but the harm from it is great.

"They feed on plant juices, and the plants wither faster. Thrips can spread viral diseases," explained Anna Gumennikova.

This is how the California thrips looks when magnified tenfold. Insect with 4 wings, flattened body, antennae and claws on the head. It is unlikely that a meeting with such a creature will be a pleasant addition to the bouquet.Therefore, on the eve of International Women's Day, tons of flowers are seriously bashing. Before shaking the bouquet, experts put white paper under it, you will not miss the pest on it. Roses in Smolensk. Tulips in Krasnoyarsk. And whole compositions in Moscow.

- First, we inspect all the leaves and start shaking, because thrips live in buds.

Inspector of the Moscow Department of Rosselkhoznadzor Yekaterina Salkova bathes in a sea of ​​flowers every day - at work. Foreign bouquets pass through her hands. Those who came to us from abroad.

- Work is work, and a woman always loves flowers.

- No, it is impossible to stop loving flowers.

But beetles, which sometimes live in roses, Ekaterina Salkova hates. He says, in addition to thrips, dozens of species of insects are found in imported flowers. They can easily enter the human body when the owner of the bouquet will enjoy the fragrant aroma.

In addition to thrips, eustoma can also contain tobacco whitefly, which can be found in the leaves.

At the customs post "Koltsovo" in Yekaterinburg - more than a hundred tons of flowers. They arrived on a private plane from Holland and must disperse throughout Siberia. But first, strict control. Customs and Rosselkhoznadzor officials usually cut off all suspicious shipments. But, sometimes, they still end up on the counter.

This bouquet has been traveling the world for 3 weeks. White roses were cut in Kenya. First they were transported by sea, then they were delivered by a truck to Russia. On the way, the flowers lost their presentation a little.The buds became soft, and some of the petals turned yellow and wilted. After the florists have worked with the roses, they will look great again.

For example, as in this flower shop in Nizhny Novgorod. Outwardly, everything is beautiful. But, as soon as the inspectors, together with our film crew, asked the sellers for documents for the fragrant product, the case smelled of contraband.

- I need to look at the documents - any that you have in stock. The fact that you do not have them, you do not tell me tales.

Employees of the flower pavilion in Shchelkovo near Moscow are happy - they have everything in order with their documents! A large consignment of imported roses has just been brought to the store. The owner of the outlet Anastasia Dubrovskaya frankly shares the nuances of the transportation of capricious goods.

"We always receive flowers dry. That is, this rose has not been in the water - it is asleep, as you say. So that the bud does not bloom, and so that it can stand a little longer to please the buyer. The rose is freshest, no need to be scared - the bud can to seem jammed, but it will straighten out as soon as water begins to flow to the rose, "explained Anastasia Dubrovskaya.

If a damaged copy gets into the package, it is ruthlessly disposed of. But the presence of a slightly wrinkled and shabby shirt on the rose is a sign of its quality. Florists say it is not difficult to determine the freshness of a flower.

"This mondial is bad. It has already been plucked. It can be seen that it has already been dissolved. And its fresh petal, here green, sometimes dirty, but this is the first petal," said Natalya Artemyeva, a senior florist of the chain of flower shops.

But not all florists work honestly. Especially in the hot season, when tons of flowers are bought.To give the product a more attractive look, savvy traders can sprinkle glitter on damaged petals. Sometimes the remains of roses and carnations are on sale. For example, in this video, the bouquet wilted in a day. When the owner of the fragrant gift decided to unfold it, there were only fragments of flowers inside, tied to a dry stick.

“They don’t even have a stem, a stem from some old rose, can you imagine.

Another fashionable and very dubious proposal is flowers of an unusual, acidic color. Blue, orange, green - all of them were white before chemical treatment. We did a simple experiment and almost bred a new variety of roses.

How white roses turn to blue - if you love exoticism, there are cheap miracles in the arsenal of florists especially for you. They conjure over flowers with the help of aerosol cans with paint. Sleight of hand, a few seconds, and the white rose takes on a trendy blue. It looks unusual, even unnatural. Only it is unlikely that a flower colored in this way will live more than 1-2 days.

Moreover, a bouquet processed for the sake of such an effect can poison its owner.

These substances often have quite toxic effects and allergic reactions to the body, plus, upon contact with the skin, these substances can cause redness, and when these substances are inhaled, edema of the mucous membrane can occur, up to Quincke's edema, '' said Sergey Dlin, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

In order not to spoil the holiday for the fair sex, the choice of flowers should be taken responsibly - to study their origin and evaluate their appearance. In this case, the bouquet will not only give you a good mood, but also keep you healthy.